“I’m so glad I found your studio 5 or 6 years ago! Can’t remember exactly how long it’s been. It’s definetely made a positive difference in my life! Just wanted you to know that you and Greg are awesome and I’m glad to know you both! Thanks for having such a wonderful studio and for being the inspiring people that you are!”

– Laurie W.

“Hello Beautiful Lady!  After Wed.’s class I really needed to tell you this.  I have been coming to your studio and your classes for years now and LOVE it!  However, even a person brand new to Yoga would have a fabulous experience in your class.  You always give options for each pose to increase or decrease intensity and you gently bring the focus back to the practice for those whose minds may have wandered.  There is so much to learn in and through yoga and I thank you for being my teacher!”


“Hey Becca.  Please forgive me for being so incredibly simple that I think every yoga class is the most amazing class I’ve ever taken!  I am grateful for you in my life and I love, love, love your classes.  How awesome for you to go to your conference and “receive” because you “give” so much to so many every day.  Thank you.


“Dear Becca, I want to thank you for being there for me… my life is filled with “stuff” right now that seems to be wearing me down a bit… your smile and loving manner fills me with happy emotions… yoga is physical and mental and you contribute enormously to my well being, the loving hugs, the happy smile of Cathrine, the joyous fun of Kari’s classes are my place to go to enlighten my life… I forget at times to give thanks to you all, for showing me the yoga way… some day I may be able to share it with others….The Divine in me recognizes and adores the Divine in you…”


“Becca, I just want you to know how much I value you in my life.  You have helped me emotionally, spiritually and physically….. my inner monologue was telling me I “suck” at Yoga today… you came by, smiled, winked and said “I like your top”!!..   You’re the best!!  Beautiful inside and out!!   I haven’t been myself lately and certainly have felt as if my inner light has dimmed….but, I look at your smiling face and I instantly feel better…thank you!!”

-NG xoxo

 “As your average male in his 20’s not too long ago I would have laughed at the idea of yoga.  But one day with Greg and Becca’s encouragement I decided to give it a shot.  Since then I have been a regular participant and the benefits have been phenomenal.  My posture and flexibility are greatly improving. Becca is an amazing teacher and always keeps the class’s fun and challenging.”

-Jeff D.  

“Wow – you continue to amaze me – I have been attending your classes for 6 months and tonight at another “1st class of the session” you bring in simple and yet new poses.  You taught to your novice students, challenged your veterans and while the poses were new for me – I didn’t even have to look up.  You drew such a detailed map with your voice that I felt that I was in a completely safe place with you in the driver’s seat.  And, I particularly needed to hear your voice tonight.  I needed to be away from my life, to be in a healthy, safe place and being able to follow the harmonies of your guidance and the cadence of your voice and singing, you helped me to heal, just a little bit.  But hey, every little bit counts – right!  Thanks again Becca – you have been a gift from God to me.”

-Deb P.

“Hey Becca,  you probably hear this all the time, but I still wanted to tell you what an amazing class you hold. I went to a few other places with a girlfriend of mine and NONE of them come close to how awesome yours are, you definitely are the complete package.  Love it! …”


“Just wanted to say how awesome it is to be back in class.  Your light is as bright as ever and it is very rewarding to be open and receive such positive yoga experiences through a wonderful guide and mentor. “

-Donna K.

What a fabulous experience this morning was with Kari.  I asked her to draw me a map and she took us all on the most wonderful journey.  Not only did I receive a map but she described “each leaf on every tree” as we passed.  There was no confusion as to what exactly we were to do or what the intention of each move was.  She moved us through an amazing amount of poses with such natural transitions that it seemed that they were all originally intended to flow together.  The practice was so interesting and unexpected.  Honestly – the best ever!! 

-Deb P.

Thanks Becca for two wonderful classes.   You are a gifted teacher and very committed to the to be challenged. I have someone that can schedule my workouts that work with my schedule. I have one of the best personal trainers in greater Edmonton!”

– David P.

“I look forward to my workouts and the camaraderie we have established. I am tired after the workouts definitely, but a ‘good’ tired. His innate ability to know when to push you to do more or when to lessen the reps or lighten the load makes the training enjoyable. He constantly encourages and praises your efforts. In this day and age when negativity runs rampant, positives are greatly appreciated.”

– Merry D.

“Working with Angela has given me more confidence in myself because I feel better about the way I not only look, but how I am able to handle the stresses in my life. My decision to work with her has been one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. I consider Angela and Divine Health a great inspirational place to spend my time at.

– Joanne G.

“The massage I had two weeks ago really relaxed me and that night I had a fantastic sleep!  Jess works on areas of the body that I never had work on before… and also gave me some suggestions for stretching. I find her easy to talk to and personable. We even talked about yoga and getting back into it this fall!

– Joanne G.

“Just want to say “Thank You” for the awesome e-mail regarding my anniversary.  It is truly my pleasure to be a client of Divine Health.  I look forward to seeing Cathrine at each apppointment.  I just wish there was some way to get myself into the yoga classes.  I have been thinking about getting to a yoga class but I just haven’t gotten there yet.  One day!  🙂  But I do have to say, I truly enjoy the comfort and fantastic service of Divine Health and I recommend you to anyone who is interested.”

– Darlene C.

“I had another wonderful massage with Catherine today and I’ve booked in again for December.  Feel better already!!”

-Nicola G.

“Several years ago I had he misfortune of suffering a substantive lower back injury which was diagnosed as Sciatica.  After months of physiotherapy and chiropractic care, which failed to heal in any way, I took some good advice and tried massage therapy with Becca, initially being somewhat skeptical that it would help.  That turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have made, as not only did I begin to quickly notice physical improvement and healing, but Becca was able to teach me why this problem was occurring and what changes I needed to make in order to correct this condition. 

I have been completely pain-free since that time, but I continue to see Becca monthly as part of a ‘maintenance’ schedule.  Her massage therapy sessions are invaluable and in them, I have learned more about health, nutrition and quality of life than I could have by any book.  Becca’s treatment style, knowledge, and passion for healthy living are second to none.  I look forward to her sessions, and hope to do so for many more years”.

-Dennis M.

Conscious Eating and Nutrition

“Back in March 2009, I was diagnosis with diabetes type 2. I was already a massage client of Becca’s and so I came to see her for Ayuvedic Wellness and Health. With some small changes to my eating habits and daily routine, I started to see great changes. My original # for my Glucose  was 8.1 mmol/l   and after 3 months they went down to 5.1 mmol/l  and  my AIC was 7% and  when down to 6.2% ( normal range is between 4.3-6.1). I also lost 18 lbs . The thing about an Ayurvedic life style is balance of mind and body. It helps you look at foods in a different way and allows for leeway if you don’t have a great day. Normally I would give up if I had a bad day, but now I just step back and look where I went wrong and continue my journey to health. It shows me that with  lots of little changes come big health benefits.
Thank  you to Becca.”

-Sylvie M.

“Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old sister science to yoga has advanced my wellness to reach another level. Practicing  Ayurveda has encircled me in a holistic balance of my lifestyle for my diet, exercise, and my relationship with who I am.  Ayurveda complements who I am, it does not try to change me  but rather through my awareness of balance Ayurveda empowers me as I go down my life’s path.”

-Catherine B.