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We’re taking  this regular 75 min class and expanding it into 2 hours, to dive deep and dissect various poses to create a safer, more aware yoga experience.
The practice is both vigorous and yet accessible to people of all ages and abilities, perfect for the novice and eyeopening to the seasoned yogi. The practice with regularity will improve joint mobility and reduce pain, through ensuring that all major areas of the body are lubricated and flushed through movement. Building strength and muscle while balancing it with flexibility, all within a specific focus on alignment, which will be work-shopped during this class. 

What can you expect to take away from this workshop? Learning simple tools for developing better alignment on and off the mat. Learning to detect undesirable ‘hanging’ in your joints and building a path towards using muscles you may not have used before to their fullest potential. 

Sixty minutes of a muscular Yang Yoga practice, followed by fifteen minutes of Yin Yoga which Pernille believes is a vital part of a complete yoga practice. 

Note this practice has no chaturanga or downward dog and is not a flow class.

When: Jan 12 4:30-6:30pm – $40.00 plus gst (10% early bird before Dec 21)



Having guided thousands of yoga practitioners during Pernille Tjelum’s fourteen years of owning Edmonton’s first Hot Yoga studio, witnessing transformation in her students, visible to the eye, yes, but many times emotional and mental breakthroughs beyond the practitioners’ wildest expectations.

Pernille studied the Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Method in Los Angeles California in 2002 and shortly after returning, opened her first studio. Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley (the creator of Yin Yoga) became a must for Pernille and she completed various training with Paul.

Rebranding Pernille’s two studios and 2 weeks studying with Tony Sanchez in Mexico, an experience Pernille speaks of “like coming home” This rekindled her passion for teaching, inspiring her to bring together her favorite practices in this seventy-five minute WE-volve class, which she will be sharing with you during the two-hour workshop at Divine Health.

Together with her 2 sons and husband Pernille will be moving to Nicaragua, building a small retreat facility in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, where she will host retreats. 🙏🏽