Yoga Pricing

St.Albert, yoga, arm , hot, prices, classes, sale, studioTHANK YOU ST. ALBERT FOR VOTING US #1 YOGA STUDIO 2019!!!

At Divine Health, we offer a variety of yoga classes to suit your mind, body and lifestyle. Our class atmosphere is warm, relaxed, and fun with a focus on alignment in the postures so that injuries are reduced. We truly believe that yoga is for every one. Whether you are looking to increase strength, flexibility, relaxation or overall wellness, there is a yoga class for you. We will guide you through poses and breathing exercises that will help you to decrease stress and stiffness, increase memory, concentration and peace. Some classes are fluid and challenging and will make you sweat, while others are relaxed and chill. Come join us at our studio where all ages and bodies are welcome!


We accept Visa, M/C, Debit and Cash. 

NEW STUDENTS 2 week unlimited pass: $25.00

(1 pass per student, expires 14 days from first use)

1 Drop in: $17/class incl. gst

5 class pass: $70.00 +gst (3 month expiry from first use)

10 class pass: $120.00 +gst (6 month expiry from first use)


  • There are no extensions on expiry dates
  • Passes are non transferable, refundable or exchangeable
  • There are shorter expiration dates to encourage a regular practice at Divine, which will encourage a more balanced mental, physical and emotional well-being.  

(Please note: any yoga passes purchased before August 2019, will be expiring March 31, 2020. We are encouraging students to use their passes to create a regular habit of yoga each week. No extensions on these passes. Passes are transferable.)


Etiquette in the Yoga Studio:

  • We ask that you arrive early to all classes
  • Please be respectful of others in the room and speak in a soft voice
  • Please throw out gum before entering the Yoga room
  • If you are late and the doors are closed please quietly come in
  • Please do not wear perfume or scents that may be bothersome to other students
  • We practice in bare feet
  • Props are put away the same way they are found-neat and tidy

What to bring:

  • Yoga mat (if you need to borrow for one class we have extras)
  • Water
  • Small hand towel if you sweat easy 

What to wear:

  • Slim fitting clothing that you don’t have to fuss with
  • Shorts and t-shirt
  • Long pants or shorts and tank top
  • No shoes or socks… we practice in bare feet