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“What we think, we become,” is a statement of truth.

Most of us are reactive to circumstance and people. We exist in a world where what happens around us, causes an immediate response; “good” “bad” or “ugly.” Our emotions are NOT the problem. The issue lies more so in what we then do with that feeling.

The ‘rabbit hole of destruction’ occurs when we dive deeply into that thought, create emotions and then act out: fight, flight, or hide. These are natural responses generated by past similar experiences. So in fact, these responses are built into us from a very early age.

I personally have experienced my unconscious reactions of anger on a variety of levels; making living in peace, love and happiness very challenging. I have watched myself destroy my inner world simply by having a limiting belief system that told me I wasn’t enough and my voice shouldn’t be heard.

I’m here to offer you an alternative way of being.

What if we started to observe our thoughts as they “show” up? Is it possible through some simple repetitive mindful exercises, inner dialogue, basic inquiry and breath work that we uncover our truth? The truth is, we have the ability to be aware of our thoughts and shift them to bring ourselves into balance and harmony.

Join me, Becca Pati, as we explore our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. I’m offering a personal exploration of releasing the old way of interacting with the mind, so our anxieties, imbalances, depression, limiting beliefs, unproductive behaviors, and self sabotage is minimized.

My one on one mindful therapy sessions are tailored to fit you and your desire to break free of what is holding you back. You’ll do the work daily and as you show up for yourself over and over… we will, together, uncover your beautiful abundant “new normal.”

Mindful Therapy Session with Tapping and Cognitive Therapy:

1 90 min one on one online or live session with Becca Pati

  • Session is 90 min. appointment, tailored to your needs
  • Working through thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are holding us back or causing negative effects in our lives
  • Using tapping as a technique for self care (See the “What is Tapping” section – scroll down)
  • Incorporates mindfully based cognitive therapy modalities
  • Neck/head massage can be incorporated for relaxation



Text Becca at 780-887-1610 to set appointment up (accept PAY PAL)

What is Tapping?

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It’s also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. People who use this technique believe tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system and treat pain.

Tapping is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system and body all at once. The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while talking through traumatic memories and a wide range of emotions.

This therapy is effective for many people. Each person will react differently to the long term effects. This therapy is shown to work within 3 sessions.

The therapist will show you how to tap on yourself, as part of self care.