Registered Massage Therapy



At Divine Health, Becca Pati and Tracy Montgomery are highly qualified Registered Massage Therapists. All Insurance companies recognize their qualifications, meeting with the NEW standards that were set up in 2012.

Massage Therapy is a great way for anyone who suffers with sports injuries, stress, repetitive strains, or over all tightness to release the tension thru manipulation of the muscles. Therapeutic Massage is a technique that uses pressure on “trigger points” in the muscles, to relax them, causing less pain in the body and better quality of life. This type of massage does not necessarily have to be deep, but generally when reaching the more internal muscles and tissue there will be pressure and sometimes discomfort.

When coming in for a massage there is a health questionnaire that is filled out by the patient, so that the registered therapist can fully understand what the areas of concern are. This is needed, in order to massage with care and with the right style: “relaxation” or “therapeutic.’ The relationship between the therapist and the patient is a close one, as there needs to be communication during the massage to find out if the pressure and technique are appropriate.

During most massage sessions the patient will undress (the practitioner has left the room) and lay on a very comfortable massage table, under a sheet. Once the therapist enters the room again, there is full draping, so that the patient feels comfortable and are not fully exposed. At Divine Health, massage is an integral part of the overall health experience. Everybody can benefit from the loosening and de-stressing of the body. No matter how much people stretch or exercise, massage is one of the most effective ways to reach the true problem areas in the muscles and soft tissue. Massage is a real hands on approach to health.


30 minute:$52.00 

60 minute:$95.00 

90 minute: $140.00 

120 minute: $190.00 

*all prices plus gst

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