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“YOU GOT THIS” became my tag line at the end of inspirational “chats” and classes over the past few years. Without realizing it, I chose to end my talks and workshops with an empowering phrase so that my clients, students and “followers” took responsibility for their current situation; shifting, to create better lives.

My programs are based around journeying towards greatness. Simply put, if you’re struggling with anxiety/depression, feeling “stuck,” not able to access your creativity, have limiting beliefs, or are reactive to circumstance… there’s another way. And this other way of living is being aware of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors in the moment. Freedom occurs when we make a choice (challenging but necessary) to stop clinging to our broken past experiences, hurts and traumas. When we live in our current truth, it’ll give us an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment.

“Break Free From Bullshit and Start Building a Better Life:”

10 Inspirational Mind-Shifting Practices to Propel you Forward

Are we buying our own Bullshit?

Replaying our story over and over, means we’re buying into our bullshit. This common attachment to the past happens when we’re so ingrained with the experiences that’ve occurred, we can’t seem to break free of the crappy commentary roaming around in our heads.

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I can’t…”
  • “I’m not good at relationships”
  • “What if I fail”
  • “How come this always happens to me?”
  • “Life is unfair”

…and on and on…

However, there is another way of thinking.

I’m a living example that we CAN change our mindset. This new way of life, minimizes our bullshit story and breaks us free from the emotional barricades our past placed upon us.

When we break free, it means to become aware that we are not our thoughts. Most of us carry false ideas about self; whether limiting beliefs, or hanging onto past traumas. And this is a heavy burden to carry. This backpack of shit we carry around makes us reactive to circumstance and people. Most of us live in a world, where what happens around us, causes an immediate response; “good” “bad” or “ugly.” The emotional feeling is NOT the problem. The issue lies more so, in what we do with that thought.

The ‘rabbit hole of destruction’ occurs when we dive deeply into that thought, create emotions and then act out: fight, flight, or hide. These are natural responses generated by past similar experiences. So in fact, these responses are built into us from a very early age.

I personally have experienced my unconscious reactions of anger on a variety of levels; making living in peace, love and happiness very challenging. I have watched myself destroy my inner world simply by having a limiting belief system that told me I wasn’t enough and my voice shouldn’t be heard.

I’m here to offer you an alternative way of being.

What if we started to observe our thoughts as they “show” up? Is it possible through some simple repetitive mindful exercises, inner dialogue, basic inquiry and breath work that we uncover our truth. This truth is that we have the ability to be aware of our thoughts and shift them to bring ourselves into balance and harmony.

Join me in unfiltered conversation and interactive exercises, as we explore our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. I’m offering a personal exploration of releasing the old way of interacting with the mind, so our anxieties, imbalances, depression, limiting beliefs, unproductive behaviors, and self sabotage is minimized.

My courses are progressive, honest, simple, easy to follow and guided. You will do the work daily and inspire yourself into greatness as you show up for yourself over and over… you will propel yourself forward into a better life.


Here’s what you’ll receive when you purchase this mindful course:

  • 10 downloadable resources (after purchase 3/10 bullshit stories and 3/10 inspirational practices will be accessible online. After Sept 21/20, all 10 will be available)
  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Go at your own pace
  • Becoming aware of our bullshit
  • Daily inspirations to help us move into greatness
  • Honest, raw and vulnerable conversation with Becca Pati