Workshops/Special Events

BEccsa Pati, healing, yoga, workshop, St. Albert

Emotional Healing with Becca Pati
Join Becca Pati in this 75 min gentle mind retraining session on Sept 19, 2019.
In this special class we will work towards connecting, accepting and moving through our emotions that are holding us back from greatness.
The past creates a tremendous amount of: loss, anger, resentment, self worthlessness, grief, shame and guilt; which many of of hang onto.
We can get stuck in our “story” instead of cultivating a deep relationship with the body and mind which stores the emotions; causing us to feel disconnected and in disharmony.
This class will utilize a variety of therapies that Becca has learned and cultivated on her journey of trauma recovery. Tools that may be offered: Music, movement, invocation, body and breath meditation, jounaling, affirmations and call and response.
Thursday, Sept 20 
#240 – 44 Riel Drive 
Time 7:30-8:45pm
Investment: 2 Yoga Passes or drop in “Health Workshop” for $25.00 plus gst
(regular drop in not valid)
*no refunds 
Tracy Montgomery, Yoga Nidra, St. Albert
Yoga Nidra with Tracy Montgomery
“Yoga Nidra is the yoga of aware sleep. In this, lies the secret of self healing.”
~ Satyananda Saraswati
Join Tracy Montgomery and experience yourself in SILENCE through the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra.
A deep state of relaxation happens when we are able to truly let go of everything we are carrying.The term ‘yoga nidra’ comes from two Sanskrit words; ‘yoga’ meaning ‘union’ and ‘single pointed awareness’, as well as ‘nidra’, which means ‘sleep’.
This practice moves you into a state where the body is completely relaxed through body awareness, breathing, and visualizations that take you on a journey into a deeper state of consciousness while allowing the mind to rest between the states of awake and asleep.
Mondays 45 min class @ 8:15-9pm
Dates: Sept 23, 30, and Oct 7
What to bring: we’ll be lying on the floor on our yoga mats for the classes. Please bring any other items to assist the body in complete comfort and relaxation such as a sweater or blanket, eye pillow, etc. Yoga props are available as usual.
*limited space, no drop ins.
*no refunds for missed classes
Unlimited Personal Power & Potential: Light Language Class 
with Heidi Mason
Answer the call to receive this beautiful Light Language workshop, perfectly co-created by your desire to tap into an inner wisdom; lead by body and heart.
This session includes:
-a short discussion on weekly practice and emotion focus -guided embodiment & heart opening practice
-followed by physical and verbal Light Language transmissions in support of inner alchemy and creation -“home-play” suggestion and recorded Light Language recording
This is a preregistered class.
Where: Divine Health Studio
When: Friday Sept 27
Investment: $35.00 plus gst 
*no refunds