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I am a Certified Foot Reflexologist, 200 YTT and level two Usui Reiki Practitioner and small town farm girl who hails from the area of Tawatinaw, Alberta.
I started my path to holistic healing in 2005 when I started seeing a naturopath and a reflexologist who had her Reiki. I had become overwhelmed with digestive and skin issues, low energy and depression and refers to those days as being a living zombie.
After only two weekly treatments I began to see improvement in my health. Although the acupuncture was helpful, I credit the reiki infused reflexology with helping me the most.
Many years later when I knew that I needed to follow my soul purpose, I knew acquiring my Reiki and Reflexology certificates were the places to start!
Since following my soul purpose, I’ve acquired both certificates, as well as, my Yoga 200 YTT and am looking forward to further expand my knowledge in crystal healing, herbology and all modalities that will specifically help babies, young children and new mothers, although my end mission is to help all those looking to heal.
You can find more about me through my business Indigo Healing at, Facebook and Instagram.
Benefits of reflexology include:
– Relaxes and reduces stress 
– Decreases inflammation
– Improves lymphatic drainage and venous circulation
– Releases toxins from the body’s tissues
– Improves the body’s absorption and digestion of food and nutrients 
– Helps with the elimination of the body’s waste
– Stimulates the immune system  
– Assists the body to regain balance and its natural equilibrium